Community App Walkthorugh - iOS

The iOS/Apple Community app is an easy to use tool that rolls up the entire community experience into the palm of your hand!

In the map view, you have 3 options for viewing information. By clicking the menu icon at the top left (#1 below), you can access the main menu screen. Additionally, you can filter or search by using the buttons at the top right of the screen (#2), or you can zoom in or out on the map view by pinching your fingers on your screen - however many constituents appear in your map (indicated by the pin icons) will also appear at the bottom (#3) and you can click the "LIST" button to view the records by name. You can also click on any of the pins themselves, and the constituent name will appear for whomever that pin represents.

In the main menu screen, you will have a number of options. To access your record, you can click your name or your image (if you have connected your LinkedIn account).

Nearby Alumni will bring you back to the map screen.

Professionals to Know will show you other alumni who have the same listed the same LinkedIn industry as you (please note, this will not show anything if you have not connected your LinkedIn account).

Classmates will show you other constituents who have the same Graduation Year as you.

Mentors will show any user who has elected to become a mentor. The mentor setting can be selected or de-selected by going to Settings at the bottom of the main menu.

Directory will show you the entire database of records and allow you to use different filters. This process is outlined below.

News and Social is a place where your school/organization can post links to their social media pages (such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) and also post links to current events (such as fundraising drives, special alumni events, Homecoming, etc).

In the Directory, you will have access to a lot of records. But how do you sort through all of that information to find the people that matter most to you? By filtering and searching, you can easily comb through a lot of data. Search by name to find a specific person, or filter to find people the fit a certain criteria.