Unable to Log In

You've signed up for your institution's community and are ready to use the tool, but when you attempt to log in, you aren't able to! We know how frustrating that can be. In these cases, please make sure to check a couple of things before reaching out to your institution. 

  1. If signing up via an email and password, did you receive a confirmation email (to the email you signed up with) and follow the steps to verify your email? This step is very important - verifying let's us know that the email address is valid and working.
  2. Did you receive an email welcoming you to your community? The subject line of this email will be "Welcome to the (Your Institution's Name) Community." Please remember, signing up does not grant you immediate access to the community. Access requires approval by your institution's administrative team and can range in time depending on each institution's verification process.
  3. If you have confirmed steps 1 and 2 above, the last step is to close out any current sessions that are open. If you are using your web browser, close the tab/window that has the community open. If using the mobile app, make sure the app is fully closed. After fully closing any sessions, reopen the community and attempt to log in again. If you are still unable to log in after completing steps 1 - 3, please reach out to your community administrator who can further help troubleshoot.