Downloading the Community App

Interested in downloading the Community app?  You can download the app in both the Google Play and Apple Store for your Android and Apple device.

Apple Store

On your Apple device, head over to the App Store and use the Search Bar.  In the search bar, search for your school/organization followed by the word Alumni to locate your Community.  Once downloaded, log in or request access and a member at your school/organization will grant you access!  

Google Play

In the Google Play Store, you can use the top search bar to search for your school/organization's name followed by the world Alumni to locate your Community. Once you have it downloaded, log in or sign up to request access and someone at your school/organization will grant you access!

Please note: some schools/organizations have an app for the community which is under the school/organization's name. In some cases, you may have access to the Alumni Community, but are unable to find a community app under your schools name. In such cases, please search in either app store for the "Alumni Community" application. This app will allow you to log into your community (you will select your school/organization from the drop down box on the open screen before logging in).